Yosemite National Park Waterfall Transforms Into A Mesmerizing “Firefall” Every February

California’s Yosemite National Park is home to numerous stunning waterfalls. However, from mid-to-late February each year, the unlikely star of the pristine preserve is Horsetail Fall — a small, nondescript waterfall that forms over the eastern edge of the park’s famous vertical rock formation, El Capitan, every winter. That’s because, during the two-week-period, the temporary 1,000-foot fall frequently transforms into a spectacular “firefall” for about ten minutes a day during sunset.

For the phenomenon to occur, several conditions need to coincide. There must be enough snow and the temperatures have to be warm enough for it to melt and form the waterfall. During drought years, Horsetail Fall is reduced to a trickle or does not appear at all. Additionally, the skies have to be entirely clear. Even a slight haze is enough to ruin the illusion of fire tumbling down the cliffs. Finally, the sun has to strike the water from the right angle to “set the waterfall ablaze.”

The “firefall” has been well known with expert and novice picture takers since the 1940s. Be that as it may, as of late, on account of internet based life, its acclaim has ascended higher than ever, with a huge number of individuals rushing to the national park every February. In 2019, more than 2,200 individuals jammed into the little review territories on February 22, the greatest day to see the light show a year ago. Be that as it may, the guests stomped on over touchy vegetation as well as left behind a lot of rubbish.

To forestall a rehash of the grievous episode, in 2020, the recreation center help has shut two of the perfect review zones. The just one open requires a 1.5-mile-long climb. In any case, the 3-mile full circle, just as a notice by the authorities that a drought has transformed the fall into a stream, leaving the chance of a “firefall” in question, doesn’t appear to have discouraged fans. Several individuals have been advancing toward Horsetail Tumble to get a look at the light show, which will be noticeable from February 12 to February 28, 2020. The numbers are relied upon to top by and by on February 22, 2020, which, for the second continuous year, will be the ideal day to watch the shocking exhibition. Ideally, Horsetail Fall lovers will be increasingly deferential of the regular habitat this time.


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