What is VOLTE? IS VOLTE Better than a Normal phone?

You have used 3G networks in Bangladesh till now and most of the time you are interested in 3G speeds. However, people using regular 3G internet have problems. And that’s the phone. If the smartphone is set to 4G only mode, no phone calls and no phone calls are available, and when placed in automatic network mode, the network must be dialed every time and when the call is made. It will be reduced from 3G to 3G.

This is because at present only 3G internet is enabled in Bangladesh, VoLTE is not enabled. VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. Having heard its name, you can expect that VoLTE will be able to make phone calls or talk on 3G networks. However, this is not the typical phone we’ve known for years. Phone calls using VoLTE will provide some features that are not available for 3G and 2G calls. Today we will talk about what VoLTE is and what the benefits are.

Previously, VoLTE was not currently available in any mobile carrier in Bangladesh. However, Robbie, one of the most popular mobile phone providers in Bangladesh is set to launch a VoLTE facility in Bangladesh soon. And this year, it is expected that other mobile operators will bring VoLTE benefits to their customers.


Better Call quality

The biggest advancement of VoLTE is better to call and voice quality than 2G and 3G. Because VoLTE works on 3G networks, it can transfer more than 2G and 3G data during a call. Technically, VoLTE can have up to 4x more data and 2x data transfer than 2G networks. With this transfer of information, you will not only hear what the other person is saying on the other side, but their voice can be heard better.

Better management and connectivity

Another difference between regular VoLTE calls and 2G and 3G networks is its connectivity and reliability. VoLTE technology can connect calls with its recipients twice as much as 2G and 3G. In addition, when 3G is not available, 2G and 3G networks will be available on smartphones, so VoLTE will be able to provide better overall network coverage. Because, in places where Bangladesh currently has no 3G signal but 2G and 3G signals, it is not possible to make regular phone calls. When VoLTE is enabled, there will be no problem as the call will be made using the 3G network.

You might think it’s not 3G but 2G / 3G. This kind of thing will never happen. But no, it can happen. This is because most 3G mobile operators use the 5MHz spectrum and the network level of the 1MHz spectrum is larger than the 2G / 3G network. As a result, it can receive 4G signals remotely from the tower, but in the case of a 2G / 3G antenna, it is difficult to receive the signal remotely.

Better battery life

This doesn’t seem right to you. But the fact is, those who use smartphones in an automatic 4G mode can have better battery life on their phones after VoLTE is turned on. Currently, when you make a phone call on a 3G network, your phone automatically searches for 2G / 3G networks and switches to 2G / 3G networks so you can make calls. Then when you finish the call, your smartphone will rediscover the 3G network and switch to the 3G network if received.

This is because it uses a little extra battery each time it searches and changes the network, and the overall battery life is partially damaged. Although not very high, since VoLTE is open, since the network does not need to be repeated and the network does not need to be changed, the battery life is slightly increased.

Video call

When 3G was first launched in Bangladesh, we were still able to make video calls using mobile networks. So it’s not a 3G or VoLTE feature. However, you can make basic video calls using VoLTE just like we do with Skype or Facebook Messenger. Like VoLTE, apps like Skype and WhatsApp use more information when making video/audio calls.

As a result, you can see that voice calls (Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp) and voice calls (VoIP calls) with these apps can make both parties sound and sound better than normal. So in the case of a VoLTE call, you get the same voice quality as Skype, Messenger, which is not possible on 3G and 2G networks.

Loss of VoLTE

Nothing in this world is accurate 5%. If all goes right at 5%, we will have no new development. However, despite VoLTE’s good side, this is not the case. At the same time, VoLTE has some disadvantages that can become a problem for many.

To make VoLTE calls and enjoy all the benefits of VoLTE during the call, both callers and callers must be covered by 3G networks and both carriers need to support VoLTE.

Let us know if Robbie starts a VoLTE location in Bangladesh after some time, but there is no other operator like GP or Banglalink VoLTE, then Robbie customers can only call VoLTE to other Robbie customers. Not only this, they both have 3G and VoLTE support. This can be a big deal at first unless other mobile providers launch VoLTE quickly.

Additionally, since both must be on the 3G network during the call, if a person leaves the 3G network during the call, the caller or receiver will cross the line.

Another issue may be the cost of the call or the price. Because VoLTE uses more data, operators can increase VoLTE’s call rates slightly more than regular calls after launching VoLTE features.

Why don’t we use VoLTE for a long time

Now you might be wondering why we haven’t been using VoLTE for 3G for so long, why think of introducing a new VoLTE feature later? This is because 4G LTE is an information network with only internet access. Phone calls using VoLTE or 3G networks are an extension of 3G networks.

The 2G and 3G networks were built with phone calls in mind and were added as data or internet extensions. However, 3G is designed to use the Internet for free. As a result, telephone calling facilities are not added to the primary level.

For phone calls or VoLTE calls using 3G networks, operators need to create some new protocols that are easy to set up and set up properly. In order to make voice calls on 3G networks, all voice cabling infrastructure needs to be upgraded. Because of this, they need a new job.

It is VoLTE or Voice over LTE. Hopefully, now I can better explain the difference between regular calls and VoLTE and VoLTE. However, with the launch of VoLTE in Bangladesh, it will be wise to implement the approach that VoLTE provides. As of today ends here. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments section.


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