What is a headphone driver? What is its role in sound quality? Know everything!

You can think about buying a good quality headphone, or perhaps a budget for the headphones. But if you go to the market and start to consider the specifications of the headphones, you will easily understand that to find the right headset that you need, not an easy task, especially just look at the specifications. The technical characteristics of the headphone and earphone very complex and technically, if you have the original user, you will not understand anything by looking at the specifications.

In this article, I reviewed the most important component of the headphones, the headphone driver that will help you understand a lot: “What headphones are for you the best!” So let’s see how important the headphone driver for the sound quality!

What is a driver for headphones?

headphone driver or the driver earphone is the most abundant component of the headphones. Technically speaking, the headphone portion that converts sound to an electrical signal, called a drive. In simple terms, the smallest speaker in the middle of the headphone driver is called. A reducible device like any loudspeaker consists of three main parts – (1) magnet which generates a magnetic field (2) of the coil, causing the screen to vibrate over headphones and (1) The diaphragm, which makes a sound way, it is the thin screen.

headphone driver has a circular disc shape and is generally considered that the higher the driver, the higher the sound, and BASS. Yes, it is true, but not always so. Size headphone drivers to 5 mm – 5 mm, and headphone size – 25 mm – 5 mm – here headphone volume can be determined by the large size of the driver.

But the larger driver does not mean that it will provide the best sound quality, because there are many types of drivers, quality of music depends not only on the size of the driver but also on the type of driver. Aperture greater wire larger, however, the base may be slightly higher, but higher aperture has a greater frequency problem (high frequency). Thus, larger drivers can provide a better performance, but it does not mean that it can ensure sound quality. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the quality of the headphones directly on the size of the driver.

Various types of drivers
As I said earlier, it is impossible to identify all only on the size of the driver, it is also important to know the driver’s category in the past, of course, because each category has different specifications. There are several categories of drivers for headphones and earphones which are discussed below basic;

Dynamic drivers – These drivers are very large, that is, they have a large aperture, especially if you need a thicker base, this type of driver is the best. Because of the large diaphragm drivers of this type are particularly visible on the headphones. These types of drivers can create a database of good quality while consuming less energy.

Planar magnetic drivers: – This type of driver is especially visible for high-end headphones and earphones. The main feature of this driver is that the diaphragm Named magnet. These types of drivers give out a lot of high-quality sounds, each sound effect is crystal clear, which is why the driver is used in many high-end headphones.

Balanced armature driver: – These types of drivers have very small sizes and are especially used in headphones. Now you can tell me how to get a driver is a small size to get a good base or sound quality. These headphones have more than one driver. Headphones come with one to four drivers, and various driver controls the sound at different frequencies.

Electrostatic Driver: – This type of driver is only available in premium quality headphones. The diaphragms have an electrostatic charge, and the sound quality obtained by these drivers, very intense. But as the technology is complex, these headphones are not portable. But it is indisputable that the headphones of these technologies are rapidly taking off.

Which one you buy
So now the question is what headphone drivers would you like? – Well, if you have an average budget and require high quality, the dynamic driver may be best for you if you are a lover. Especially if you want to buy headphones playing with the focus, then, in my view, a balanced armature driver would be the best. If there are quality issues, of course, a flat magnetic driver, and if you have a lot of money, the electrostatic driver may be the best option for you.

So you know how the headphone driver plays a special role in the sound quality. From now on, buying new headphones, you need to pay special attention not only to the size of the driver but also on the type of driver. Also, the latest headphones are noise-resolution technology, so it has to be taken into account following the budget. I hope you can take advantage of this Article in case of acquisition of headphones!

Thus, how the driver you are using headphones, comment below!


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