Our Disclaimer template will help you get started with creating a disclaimer. This template is free to download and use.

You may want to include a disclaimer on your app or website as it is often the best way to address specific points of liability that could fall outside a Terms and Conditions or a Privacy Policy agreement.

We’ll discuss some of the most common and important disclaimers and what purposes they serve while showing examples from real businesses that use these disclaimers.

  • Disclaimers for Websites and Apps
  • 2.Disclaimers in a T&C and Privacy Policy
  • 3.When to Use a Disclaimer
  • 3.1.Medical Disclaimer
  • 3.2.No Professional Relationship Disclaimer
  • 3.3.Legal Advice Disclaimer
  • 3.4.Blog Disclaimer
  • 3.5.Content Disclaimer
  • 3.6.Affiliate Disclaimer
  • 3.7.Earnings Disclaimer
  • 3.8.Results Not Typical Disclaimer
  • 4.Download our Disclaimer Template

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